SEEK 2014

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Seek is a 10-week class for YOU and your friends who are curious about faith and Jesus.

Thursdays Sept26th – Nov 28th


Dinner Included.

What is Seek?:
The class is designed to help you if you are:

  • Wondering how faith might play a greater role in your life, or how faith could be more directly relevant to the important issues in your life
  • Curious about Jesus and how Jesus might fit into a faith journey
  • Definitely interested in a life of faith, but consider yourself brand new to it
  • Interested in the idea of prayer or communication with God, but unsure how to pursue it

Seek actually evolved out of the Alpha course (over 13 years ago) when the Greater Boston Vineyard found that Alpha was failing to meet the questions and needs of the participants. What they discovered in the shadow of places like Harvard and MIT is that these smart people weren’t looking for abstract truths about faith, they were looking for real experiential faith. If they couldn’t experience God, then why would they want God?